Mua Cave – Viewing Tam Cốc’s Golden Rice Fields from atop Ngoạ Long Peak.

Ninh Bình, with its majestic limestone mountains and tranquil waterways, is capturing the attention of travelers worldwide. Among its destinations, Mua Cave stands out as a unique and fascinating spot, offering an exploratory experience full of wonder.

Mua Cave is an ideal stop for those wishing to admire the beautiful natural scenery from atop a high mountain.
The most distinctive feature of Mua Cave is Ngoạ Long Peak, also known as Dragon’s Crest, with its towering summit providing a panoramic view of the Ninh Bình countryside. To reach the peak, visitors must ascend a staircase of 486 steps, but this effort is rewarded with views of Tràng An, Tam Cốc, and more, from the heights of the mountain.

At the summit of Ngoạ Long Peak, visitors can immerse themselves in the pristine beauty and grandeur of nature. From here, one can overlook the entire landscape of Ninh Bình, with its lush green rice fields, distinctive limestone mountains, and meandering rivers.
In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery from above, Mua Cave Tourism Complex offers other attractions such as Mua Cave itself, the Mua Cave Grotto, expansive lotus ponds, flower gardens, and entertainment areas for children.
Mua Cave is nestled within a bell-shaped mountain, covering an area of approximately 800m². The name “Mua Cave” is tied to a legend from ancient times when King Trần relocated the capital to Hoa Lư and established the Am Thái Palace. He often visited the cave beneath this mountain to listen to beautiful court ladies sing and dance, hence the local name “Mua Cave”.

From the foot of the mountain, one can clearly see the white stone steps leading to the summit, resembling a miniature Great Wall. On either side of the stairs, there are meticulously carved decorative motifs of dragons and phoenixes, showcasing exquisite Tran-era stone carving artistry, majestic and finely detailed.
At the peak of the mountain stands a statue of Quan Thế Âm Bodhisattva, looking down upon the vast ancient capital land, with wishes for the country’s peace and happiness.

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